Assignment 3: Macro Photography


Nicolas Mathis


This is by far my favorite composition. It is the Memorial Church captured in a water drop. To do this picture, I parked my bike in front of the Church and poured some drops on my bike's brakes handles. I mounted my camera on a tripod and used a micrometric focusing rail to precisely move the camera. Even with such "material refinement", it was hard to focus on the plane in the drop because a lot of wing was blowing on the day the picture was shot.

Thus, I chose the Av mode, used f/14 with ISO 400 on my macro lens (Canon 60mm). For this picture, exposure time is 1/40s.

This picture meets both requirements 1 and 5, the brake's handle or the Church being man-made objects. I like that I was able to make a building part of a macro assignment.

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