Assignment 1: Bad Photos


Caroline Suen: Ceci n'est pas une personne - Oval


This photo was taken next to the Oval in bright daylight. By overexposing the photo I was able to achieve the cool effect of an almost-completely white background with a shadow that exposes the concrete pattern on the sidewalk. I could have chosen to crop much of the photo or invert the photo (so the shadow would be on the right side, which is apparently better), but felt the photo was more effective by guiding the viewer's eyes toward the white expanse (where my shadow seems to be looking).

I don't have a tripod; this photo was taken by holding the camera up to my face and pressing the button. It required several takes to avoid including my shoes in the photo, as well as my hair (it was pretty windy out). Exposure time was 1/200s (to overexpose the photo) and aperture was f/5.6.

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