Assignment 4: Architecture and Interiors


Andrew Duchi: Beneath the Gates


This photo demonstrates the convergence of the vertical lines on Rodin's "Gates of Hell" outside Cantor when it is viewed from beneath. I used a somewhat long exposure for an outdoor scene (1/40) with a moderate aperture (f/14.0) so that I could achieve a reasonable depth of field and intentionally overexpose the background.

I wanted the overexposure because I think the near-white highlights emphasizes the grotesque nature or Rodin's sculptures and the white background prevents distraction, making the piece seem more imposing.

For focal length, I used the shortest possible (18mm) so that I could get as close to the piece and still get the maximum portion of it in the frame.

I like how such as short focal length let me capture the writhing organic bodies that seem to come at the observer low in the frame and still capture the lines pulling us up toward the top.

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