Assignment 5: Still Life


Will Dong: How I Stop


Shot as shown in photo details. I set up in Aperture Priority mode and really only wanted the few inches of detail from the front assembly. As it turns out, almost everything behind there turned black anyway. Win for me.

Lighting: I used my trusty desk lamp and held it just to the right of the camera lens pointing down. Because I was using such directed lighting, nothing behind the front fork really got any light.
Background: Black. It makes a white bike stand out a bit more.

Post Op: I modified the contrast, levels, exposure settings, saturation, and vibrance when I loaded the raw image. Then I cropped in inwards from the left and right to get a tight fit around the components. I really wanted the bike to be white at first, but then I realized how much better it looked with all the dirt and smudges showing. Its a real bike, in real use, so it should have real defects.

Satisfies: Object Portrait

I set up my bike infront of a tripod and snapped the handle bars first. I didn't like it so I moved down the stem and arrived at the much more interesting front brake assembly.

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