Assignment 6: Landscape and Nature


Rohan Kamath


All 5 requirements met here EXIF: f/22, ISO-100, EC 0 at 10mm. Exposure time for 1/13 seconds. Equipment used: Canon EOS 40D, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens, Tripod. Clicked on manual mode(M) with Partial metering in RAW and Manual WB. Post processing in CS4. 8 images stitched together to form the panorama. Levels, curves and saturation adjusted. Rubber stamp and Healin brush used to fill in joints and cut out corners on the frame Essence of the image: In this image, I tried to capture all 5 requirements during this gorgeous sunset at Russian Ridge. 1. The S-curve is visible on the left side of the frame that guides the viewer from shadow to light. 2. The image has been improved in Photoshop as mentioned above. 3. The image is an 8 shot Panorama. 4. We can see the varying textures of the grass and the path near the base of the frame which gradually reduce as we move into the image 5. This was clicked just prior to sunset at the golden hour.

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