Assignment 7: Night and Color


Nguyen Phan


After two hours of painting, I finally got two stick figures that I found satisfactory. It was very hard to draw them out in 3d and get something that properly mimicked natural human posture. The scene depicted above is of two people chilling out with plenty of alcohol among them (weekly drinking parties occur on this balcony, so there were plenty of props). It was impossible to draw two figures in 30 seconds (the longest set exposure time on my camera), so I drew each one separately.

I chose a scene that had the least outside light disturbing it, so that a long exposure would not be blown out. Then I used a bike light to draw; because the light only emitted white beams, I taped colored post-it notes onto the front and those produced the colors seen above. To minimize 'contamination' due to my presence, I moved around as much as possible while painting. Camera settings: ISO 100, 30sec exposure, f/9, 50mm. Photoshop: combined photos using layer masks.

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