Assignment 8: Portraiture and Light


Cesar Ambriz: Contemplative gaze


I took this image at one of the study/hang out rooms at Bechtel house. I was a bit unsure what I was going to use for my lighting because it was really dark in this room. So the furniture was arranged nicely however, and there was a nice couch that was getting a lot of light. My subject sat down and I took a couple of pictures.

I ended up taking like 10 pictures and I think this one was my favorite because of the natural light coming in from the window, and because it was almost sunset, the sunlight wasn't too harsh. I like that her face is well defined, and that the outside window peeks into the outside for the viewer to see what the subject is looking at. I wish there was a bit more of the outside, but getting a right frame composition was hard already with all the surrounding stuff hanging from the walls.

I took this with an ISO 1600, which means I had to do some Noise Reduction and an f/1.8 using a 50mm lens. In photoshop I just made it black and white and cropped from the top a little bit.

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