CS 248 - Introduction to Computer Graphics

Spring Quarter, 1995

Instructor: Marc Levoy

Welcome to the home page of CS 248. This page is the repository for all lecture notes, class handouts, information on programming assignments, and other useful information regarding the course. The URL of this page is http://www-graphics.stanford.edu/courses/cs248-95

Lecture notes:


  1. Course outline
  2. Student questionnaire
  3. Cartesian colorspaces (also available as a tar file)
  4. Assignment #1 - paint program
  5. Painting tutorial notes (Alvy Ray Smith) (not available online)
  6. A few examples of paint brushes (also available as a tar file)
  7. Toli's Tinting Tutorial (on painting programs and tinting brushes)
  8. Assignment #2 - polygon scan converter
  9. The Accumulation Buffer (Haeberli and Akeley) (not available online)
  10. Assignment #3 - Z-buffer renderer
  11. The Reyes Image Rendering Architecture (Cook,Carpenter,Catmull) (not available online)
  12. Shade Trees (Cook) (not available online)
  13. Radiometric Units
  14. Assignment #4 - Phong shader
  15. Two-Dimensional Mappings (from Heckbert's M.S.) (not available online)
  16. Midterm exam solutions
(Hardcopies of lecture notes and handouts are available in the cabinet behind Sarah's office.)

Other course materials:

Other useful links:

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