The game formerly known as BattleBots

Justin Tansuwan, Shreyas Vijaykumar


Unzip the archive and run the binary or .exe TGFKB is a two player first person shooter that takes place in deep space.
Each player controls a ship that looks strangely similar to a model you may
have seen on the internet. The scenery is minimalist. There are some nice
displacement mapped planets, and then a lot of, uh, space. The object of
the game is to take out the other ship by hitting it with your boxy looking
missiles and elbowing your opponent while he tries to aim (can you do that
with real networking?)

The game play is greatly enhanced by the
fact that you can't fly off forever in any direction because we constrain
the volume, and we have an extremely useful radar tracking system. Once
you get used to the radar system you can track your opponent with amazing
speed, which is a pretty nice feature for a game that has true 3d
movement. When the radar line is red, it means the opponent is somewhere
in front of you and you have to focus him, if the line is green you have
to swivel around until the line turns red and then line him up.

To run TGFKB, download and extract the .zip. The .exe will go through
your hardrive and delete all your better games, so you'll get good
really quickly. All the textures are stored in /Data.

Currently there is only one level, so if you are still reading this far,
you are probably a close relative of one of us (hi mom).

Here are the controls:

                    p1:         p2:

left:                j       4
right:             l       6
up:                 i      8
down:            k      5
roll left:       u      7
roll right:    o      9
shoot:            s      right arrow
accelerate:   q      up arrow
deccelerate: a      down arrow

The Credits:

The ship models we got from ultima8-3d.com/. The cockpit and throttle were taken from
www.jrbassett.com. We got our planet textures and height maps from
www.theexperiment.com/3dsmax. We got some image loading code from
nehe.gamedev.net, and we got a simple sphere creating routine from

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions...we do birthday parties, bar
mitzvah's, anniversaries, and weddings.

Shreyas Vijaykumar (csvijay@stanford.edu)
Justin Tansuwan (jjtswan@stanford.edu)