By Mike Sego and Kirk Shimano


What is C.L.U.? For years, mice have played second fiddle to the beloved rabbit, but now an evil rodent militia has aims to change everything by building the ultimate weapon of rabbit destruction, the Combustible Lagomorphic Unit! Imagine that a bunny is happily enjoying himself on a Sunday stroll when suddenly, for no apparent reason, he bursts into flames. This is the destructive power of C.L.U. It could be a highly focused laser emitting frequencies invisible to all but deadly to the poor rabbits. It could be a subatomic chemical compound being spread through the atmosphere specifically designed to react with bunny flesh. No one knows, but one thing is clear: The rodents must be stopped!


In this action packed game, you must assume the role of one of the heroic four bunnies, Foley, van Dam, Feiner, and Hughes, who dare to take on the evil rodent militia. Very much in the arcade style of Pac-Man or Clu Clu Land (a 1983 Nintendo game) your goal is the collect all the gems from the current world, thus stealing away the wealth of the rodent empire and preventing them from hatching their vile plot. You may play solo, in which you must collect all the gems before losing three lives, or play multiplayer, where your goal is to collect more gems than your opponents (because, after all, even though the heroes are working towards the common goal of saving bunnykind, they still each want to hog all the glory!) Discovering a gem is simple. They are in hidden locations all over the screen, so as you make your way around the world, you will find more gems. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, as at any moment one of the Rodent Robots can kill you, you can bounce off a hidden rubber band, you can fall down a vortex, or you could run out of energy (your life-meter slowly goes down over time, but will go down also when you are shot by robots, shot by opponents, or if you shoot yourself when you bullets bounce off the elastic bands.) You are constantly being propelled forward by your rocket skates, so to control your motion, you can either bounce off a wall in which case you will turn around, or you can use your arm to grab on to a pole and swing to your desired direction  To aid you in avoiding the robots, you can temporarily stun then with your gun







Player 1

Left arrow key

Right arrow key

Up arrow key

Player 2




Player 3

‘,’ (comma)

‘/’ (slash)

‘.’ (period)

Player 4









Other Buttons: 'space' at the menu to make selection, ‘p’ to pause during the game, ‘esc’ to quit at any time, ‘a’to take you back to the menu. Hitting the number of the character you are using (usually '1') will cycle through the available camera views (normal, "doom mode", top-view, side-view, and back-view) Also, some other random debugging keys were left in, so don't randomly hit keys =)



- A really, REALLY good computer and graphics card that supports OpenGL and has at least 32MB RAM onboard
- Latest drivers for your graphics card (try GLSetup, it works wonders!)
- GLUT 3.7.3 (GLUT32.DLL)
- OpenGL 1.1 (OPENGL32.DLL and GLU32.DLL)

- If you get the error message "GLUT32.DLL not found", try putting the GLUT32.DLL in the X:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM/ directory
- If you get the error message "OPENGL32.DLL not found" or "GLU32.DLL not found", then you'll need to reinstall OpenGL
- If it runs slowly, try making the window smaller. It is running at the correct frame rate when the voices and actions in the first story sequence are synchronized (i.e. there isn't a major lag after each speaking portion)