RATS premise:
You come home from work one day, and you find out that your pet lab rats have escaped and are running about wildly in your apartment. To make matters worse, your date is supposed to come over in five minutes and have a romantic evening together. Your job is simple: To get every single rat into the empty room (no furniture inside), where they belong.

RATS keys:
PageUp - Look up
PageDown - Look down
Left - Look left
Right - Look right
Up - Walk forward
Down - Walk backward

RATS presonal note:
I've modeled the apartment after the place i used live in when I was little. Here's the floor plan of the apartment I've acquired from searching the Internet. Alhough this is not as polished as I had originally wanted it to be, I'm pretty satisfied with what I was able to pull off in less than 3 weeks. (With the first week spent learning how to program in OpenGL) I'll make more updates later, when I get the chance. If you're learning programming in OpenGL, take a look at my source code for ideas. Enjoy!