Homework 0

Due April 3, 2000

Alright, you caught us. Homework 0 isn't worth any points toward your grade, but it is required for the class. Besides that, it will help you ensure your leland environment is set up correctly for using the cs348b software and will get you subscribed to the class mailing list.

The assignment is very easy to complete:

  1. Send email to cs348b@graphics.stanford.edu. Include the following in the email:

  2. Submit a picture of yourself using the cs348b submit program. Preferably a face shot. This is especially helpful if you plan on watching the broadcast lecture rather than come to class (or are SITN). Office hours are much more enjoyable when we know the students. The syntax for running the submit program for hw0 is:
        submit hw0 dir
    where dir is the directory you want to submit to us.
The cs348b submit script lives in /usr/class/cs348b/bin. Make sure you have this bin directory in your path, as we will be adding several useful programs throughout the quarter. The submit script works by taring and zipping a directory you specify, and copying it into our space. You can submit homework assignments multiple times, but each submission overwrites the older one.

We'll use the information you give us in this "homework" to get a count of the projected class enrollment, and to help us start mapping names to faces.

Copyright © 2000 Pat Hanrahan