CS348b: Lecture Schedule

Links to PDF files for each lecture's slides will be made available here a day or so before or after the corresponding class meeting. Note, however, that the slides are not self-contained: a fair number of topics in the course will primarily be explained on the blackboard, so the slides are more useful to refresh your memory of what was covered in class than to teach the topics in the first place.

April 1 The Goals of Rendering

April 3 Ray Tracing I: Basic Algorithms


April 8 Ray Tracing II: Acceleration Techniques (Assignment 1 handed out)

April 10 Ray Tracing System Design and Overview of lrt


April 15 Radiometry I: Foundations

April 17 Cameras, Film, and the Imaging Pipeline


April 22Radiometry II   (Assignment 1 due)

April 24 Reflection Models I (Assignment 2 handed out)


April 29 Reflection Models II

May 1 Texture and Materials


May 6 Light Transport and the Rendering Equation

May 8 Monte Carlo Integration I: Foundations (Assignment 2 due)


May 13 Monte Carlo Integration II: Direct Illumination (Assignment 3 handed out)

May 15 Monte Carlo Integration III: Solving The Rendering Equation


May 20 Monte Carlo Integration IV: Solving The Rendering Equation--irradiance caching and Metropolis sampling

May 22 Participating Media & Volumetric Scattering (Assignment 3 and Final Project Proposal both due)


May 27 Sampling and Reconstruction I: Theory & 2D Case (supporting images for the lecture; everything else will be on the blackboard.)

May 29 Sampling and Reconstruction II: Higher-Dimensional Sampling


June 3 Sampling and Reconstruction III


June 10 3pm Rendering Competition Judging