Image Synthesis Techniques(CS348b)

Image Credits: Molten Glass : Kyle Fisher; Summertime Iridescence : Jennifer Tao and Cynthia Jia;
Cotton Candy : Chenlin Meng, Hubert Teo, and Jiren Zhu. Click here to see more winning entries from previous rendering competitions.


This course provides a broad overview of the theory and practice of making photo-realistic imagery. Rendering is treated as a problem in modeling and simulating the physics of light and appearance.


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Time and Place
Time: Tue/Thu 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm
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Assignments and Final Project
due Apr 6 Assignment 1: Studio lighting
due Apr 15 Assignment 2: Sphere Tracing Distance Estimators
due Apr 27 Assignment 3: Light Field Camera
due May 6 Assignment 4: Portal-Masked Environment Map Sampling
due May 17 Final Project Proposal
due Jun 4th Final Project Report
Course Discussion

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