CS 348C Final Project

Professor: Doug James

Due date:
Thurs Dec 14

In this final project you will research and implement a topic on physically based animation (or closely related area).

Work on your own, or in a group of two people.

Effort: The project should involve effort comparable to earlier assignments, but not more. Try to pick something concise and simple, and do it well.

This final project has the following components:
  1. Project proposal (PDF format) [Target: Thurs Nov 2 (in class)]To help you better define your project, and for me to give feedback, you must submit a short project proposal.  The proposal should be in the form of a 1 page paper, e.g., LaTeX'd in SIGGRAPH format, and include the following basic information:
  2. Project submission [DATE: By Thurs Dec 14]: In addition to submitting your software implementation and video animation results, please also submit a brief project report (PDF document). Your report should document your results/animations, and findings.

Project Suggestions:  Here are a number of ideas for possible projects:

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