Physics Based Animation for Computer Graphics

CS 448 (Topics in Computer Graphics)
Spring, 2001


An introduction to the animation and simulation of natural phenomena. This course focuses on the computational techniques required to simulate a variety physical substances that behave in a highly complex manner. Possible topics will include models for the simulation of the ocean, clouds, smoke, water, cloth, fire and explosions. For each topic, the underlying physical equations will be discussed along with appropriate numerical strategies and simplifications that work well for graphics applications. In addition, some of the current computer graphics literature will be discussed. The class is open to all students for 1 credit, and may be taken for 3 credits by those students submitting a final project.


Gates 300, MW 3:00-4:15


Ron Fedkiw
Gates Building, Room 207
(650) 736-0953


Szymon Rusinkiewicz
Gates Building, Room 372
(650) 725-3708


The reading list is here.

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