CS 448A - Computational photography

Schedule of lectures

Tue, Jan. 10 Introduction (Marc and Hendrik)
Thu, Jan. 12 The art of photography (Marc)
Digital camera technology
Tue, Jan. 17 Image sensors (Hendrik)
Thu, Jan. 19 Optics for photography (Marc)
Tue, Jan. 24 Focusing, metering, and other in-camera systems (Marc)
Thu, Jan. 26 Exotic sensors, high-speed photography (Hendrik)
Computational sensing
Tue, Jan. 31 Demosaicing, high dynamic range, flash-noflash (Hendrik)
Thu, Feb. 2 Mosaicing, panoramas, omnidirectional imaging (Hendrik)
Tue, Feb. 7 Discussion of research papers
Plenoptic functions and light fields
Thu, Feb. 9 Plenoptic functions and light fields (Marc)
Tue, Feb. 14 Geometry-assisted light fields, shape from light fields, applications (Marc)
Thu, Feb. 16 Students present project ideas
Multi-dimensional imaging
Tue, Feb. 21 Projectors, arrays of projectors, computational illumination (Marc)
Thu, Feb. 23 Passive and active shape reconstruction (Hendrik)
Tue, Feb. 28 Light transport matrices (Hendrik)
Computational imaging in other fields
Thu, March 2 Imaging in medicine and physics: confocal imaging and tomography (Marc)
Tue, March 7 Microscopes and telescopes: deconvolution and coded-aperture imaging (Marc)
Thu, March 9 Discussion of research papers
Tue, March 14 Debate: what limits should society place on ubiquitous sensing?
Thu, March 16 Project presentations (2:30pm - 5:30pm)
Writeups due Monday, March 20

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