CS 448A - Computational photography on mobile computing platforms

Schedule of lectures and assignments

Tue, April 1 Introduction (Marc and Andrew)
Thu, April 3 The art of photography (Marc)
Mobile platform technology
Tue, April 8 Cell phone hardware (Kari) Nokia N95 cell phones distributed
Thu, April 10 Cell phone software (Kari) "Hello N95" assignment
Digital camera technology
Tue, April 15 Image sensors (guest lecture by Eddy Talvala)
Thu, April 17 Optics for photography (Marc)
Tue, April 22 Focusing, metering, and other in-camera systems (Andrew)
Optical Bench Toy Aperture Simulator (20MB)
"Hello N95" assignment due
Thu, April 24 More on camera technologies, coded aperture imaging (Marc) proposal abstracts due (by email)
Multi-image photography
Tue, April 29 Computer vision for mobile platforms Local Feature Descriptors
Andrew's Least Squares Solver (Andrew)
Thu, May 1 Discussion of research papers proposal conferences (4-6pm)
Tue, May 6 High dynamic range imaging, tone mapping (Kari)
Thu, May 8 Students present project ideas
Tue, May 13 Fast filtering and joint image processing (bilateral, spatiotemporal) (Andrew)
Light field imaging
Thu, May 15 Plenoptic functions and light fields (Marc)
Tue, May 20 Geometry-assisted light fields and shape reconstruction (Marc)
Thu, May 22 Computational illumination (Andrew)
Tue, May 27 Discussion of research papers
Thu, May 29 Debate: What are acceptable manipulations of imagery in photojournalism?
Tue, June 3 Project presentations (2:45pm - 5:30pm)
Writeups due noon, Monday, June 9
Click here for instructions for the debate, final presentations, and project writeups

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