CS448B: Special Topics in Visualization


Assignment 1 (Due April 10)



Apr 3
Lecture: The Purpose of Visualization
Discussion: NONE
Apr 10
Lecture: Data Models and Visual Encodings
Discussion: Diagrams and visualization in textbooks and science magazines
Apr 17
Lecture: Spatial Encodings (On Being in the Right Space)
Discussion: Medical Imaging and Anatomical Illustrations (Presented by: Ruwen Hess, Mike Houston and Anthony Sherbondy) 
Apr 24
Lecture: Color Encodings
Discussion: Technical Illustrations and Scientific Diagrams (Presented by: Jeff Solomon, Steve Bennett and Ioan Tudosa) 
May 1
Lecture: Interaction
Discussion: Physical and Graphical Calculators (Presented by Francois Guimbretiere)
May 8
Lecture: Self-Illustrating Phenomena
Discussion: Temporal photography (Presented by Ragip Akbas, Hilary Spencer and Doantam Phan)
May 15
Lecture: Conveying Shape (lighting, shading, texture, ...)
Discussion: Project Reviews
May 22
Lecture: Conveying Interior and Volumetric Structure
Discussion: Software Visualization (Presented by: Michael Sharps, Darius Contractor, Serdar Tasiran)
May 29
Lecture: Motion and Animation
Discussion: Flow Visualization (Presented by: Tamara Munzner)
June 5
Lecture: Diagrammatic Depictions of Processes
Discussion: Construction Drawings (Presented by: Keh-Li Sheng, Zak Middleton, Matthew Romaine, Michael Sharps and Ragip Akbas)