Scribing Resources

CS 448C - Appearance Models for Computer Graphics and Vision
Fall, 2000

Each student will be expected to scribe (i.e. generate typeset lecture notes for) one of the technical lectures. Lecture notes should be typeset with LaTeX, using the following template:

If you are not familiar with LaTeX, a good source of information are the Web pages of the TeX Users Group .


The most common way to include drawings in your text is to produce Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) files using a drawing program. The programs available include: EPS files are included in LaTeX documents using the graphics package included in most LaTeX2e distributions.

Submitting your notes

We would like to hand out lecture notes the week after the lecture is given. In order to make this possible, please try to have the notes completed one or two days before the following lecture. This includes getting feedback from the designated student reviewer and making any necessary corrections. When both of you are satisfied, send email to the TA with either The lecturer might request further changes to the notes. The final version of the notes will be distributed to the class, and also made available on the course web page (with your name on it).


To give you an idea of the style of the notes that we expect, here are the scribed lecture notes from a previous incarnation of CS448.