Dates: Wednesday, January 8
Topic: Short Organizational Meeting


Dates: Wednesday, January 15
Topic: Well-Separated Pair Decompositions

A Decomposition of Multidimensional Point Sets with Applications to k-Nearest-Neighbors and n-Body Potential Fields, P. Callahan and R. Kosaraju. JACM, 42(1), pages 67-92, 1995. PDF file for this paper.

Speakers: Jie Gao and Krishnaram Kenthapadi
Dates: Wednesday, January 22
Topic: Contour Trees

Efficient Generation of Contour Trees in Three Dimensions, H. Carr. Master's Thesis, U. British Columbia, 2000. PDF file for this thesis. (shorter versions: SODA, CGTA)

Speakers: Natasha Gelfand and Afra Zomorodian
Dates: Wednesday, January 29
Topic: Cutting a Surface into a Disk

Optimal System of Loops on an Orientable Surface, E.C. de Verdiere and F. Lazarus. Proc. 43rd IEEE FOCS Symp., pages 627-636, 2002 PDF file for this paper.

Speakers: Anthony Man Cho So and An Zhu
Dates: Wednesday, February 5
Topic: Point Cloud Modeling
Papers: Feature Extraction from point Clouds, S. Gumhold, X. Wang, and R. MacLeod. Proc. 10th Intern. Meshing Roundtable, Sandia National Laboratories, pp.293-305, October 7-10 2001. PDF file for this paper.

Point Set Surfaces, M. Alexa, J. Behr, D. Cohen-Or, S. Fleishman, D. Levin, C. Silva. Proc. IEEE Visualization Conf., pages 21-28, 2001. PDF file for this paper.

Progressive Point Set Surfaces, S. Fleishman, D. Cohen-Or, M. Alexa, and C. Silva. To appear in ACM Trans. on Graphics. PDF file for this paper.


Serkin Apaydin and Eftychis Sifakis

Date: Wednesday, February 12
Topic: Constrained Body Dynamics

Chapter 4 in Inpulse-Based Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Body Systems, B. Mirtich. Ph.D. Thesis, U. California Berkeley, 1996. PS file for this thesis.

STRANDS: Interactive Simulation of Thin Solids Using Cosserat Models, D. Pai. Proc. Eurographics, pages ??-??, 2002. PDF file for this paper.

Speakers: An Nguyen and Jaewon Shin
Date: Wednesday, February 19
Topic: Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation
Papers: Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation, B. Mirtich and J. Canny. Proc. 1st Workshop on Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics (WAFR), pages ??-??, 1994. PDF file for this paper.

Impulse-Based Simulation of Rigid Bodies, B. Mirtich and J. Canny. Proc. Symp. Interactive 3-D Graphics, pages ??-??, 1995. PDF file for this paper.

Hybrid Simulation: Combining Constraints and Impulses, B. Mirtich. Technical Report, Computer Science, UC Berkeley, 1996. PDF file for this paper.

Speakers: Niloy Mitra and Danny Yang
Date: Wednesday, February 26
Topic: Electron Density Map Interpretation
Papers: ConfMatch: Automating Electron-Density Map Interpretation by Matching Conformations, C. Wang. Acta Cryst., D56, pages 1591-1611, 2000. PDF file for this paper.
Speakers: Daniel Russel and Afra Zomorodian
Date: Wednesday, March 5
Topic: 3-D Molecular Structure Search

Three-Dimensional Structure Database Searches, A. Good and J. Mason. In Reviews in Computational Chemistry, Volume 7, pages 66-116, 1996. No PDF file is available.

Computational Approaches to Drug Design, Finn, P. W. and Kavraki, L. E.. In Algorithmica, Volume 25, pp. 347–371, 1999. PDF file for this paper.

Geometry and the Discovery of New Ligands, L. Kavraki. In J.-P. Laumond and M. Overmars, editors, Algorithms for Robotic Motion and Manipulation (WAFR 1996), pp. 435–448, A.K. Peters, 1997. PDF file for this paper.

Speakers: Rachel Kolodny and Samuel Ieong
Date: Wednesday, March 12
Topic: Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless networks

Distributed Construction of a Planar Spanner and Routing for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, X. Li, G. Calinescu, and P. Wan. Proc. IEEE InfoCom, pages ??-??, 2002. PDF file for this paper.

Minimum Energy Broadcasting in Static Ad Hoc Wireless Networks, P. Wan, G. Calinescu, X. Li, and O. Frieder. ACM Journal on Wireless Networks, pages ??-??, to appear. PDF file for this paper.

Speakers: Qing Fang and Yichi Gu

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