Selected readings on science and art

CS 48N - The Science of Art
Spring Quarter, 2005
Marc Levoy
Handout #2
This web page will continue to be updated after it is handed out in class.

I have made an attempt to group these readings into categories. Some of these categories correspond to course topics, while others are more general. Many readings fall into more than one category, and their categorization is consequently somewhat arbitrary.

Many of these books are available in the general books section of the Campus Bookstore, and of course all of them are available in one or more of the Stanford libraries. The starred items (*) have been placed on reserve in the Math/CS library. In addition, all of them are in my personal library. You are welcome to borrow these books overnight. A signout system will be instituted to keep track of borrowed books.

History of science

History of art

Visual perception

History and relation to art

Modern texts




Light and shadow


History and relation to art

Modern texts

Scientific illustration



Writings by artists

Writings by scientists

Art in the age of technology

Philosphical essays

Technical essays

Computer graphics techniques
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