Assignment #2 - illustration

Due Thursday, February 3 (in class)

CS 48N - The Science of Art
Winter Quarter, 2011
Marc Levoy
Handout #5

Your second assignment is to write a 3-4 page double-spaced paper on one of the topics listed in the first section below. Alternatively, you may do one of the projects listed in the second section. (Remember that at least two of your four assignments for the quarter must be written papers.) You may also choose another topic or project if you clear it with me in advance. The format and rules for this assignment are the same as in the first one. Don't forget to cite your sources using footnotes and/or a list of references, as appropriate.

Remember also that you must present one of your four assignments in class. If you volunteer for the upcoming Student Day (February 3), you can present either of your first two assignments.

Writing projects

Some non-writing projects

For the two projects listed above, your submission should include a textual explanation describing how you arrived at your abstraction(s), and how you chose the pictorial device(s) you did. Remember that a good illustration brings new insight. For the first project, describe an insight about the data you gathered that you learned by illustrating it. In other words, what does the illustration show that is not evident by looking at the data in tabular form?
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