Assignment #1 - perspective

Due Thursday, January 20 (in class)

CS 99D - The Science of Art
Winter Quarter, 2000
Marc Levoy
Handout #6

Your first assignment is to write a 3-4 page double-spaced paper on one of the topics listed in the first section below. Alternatively, you may do one of the projects listed in the second section. However, if you do a project for this assignment, you must write a paper for the next one. (I will give you a similar set of choices for the next two assignments.) You may also choose another topic if you clear it with me in advance.

Papers must be typed or computer-printed, not handwritten. They will be graded on effort, content, and style. In writing your paper, I encourage you to make use of the books listed in the course bibliography (handout #3). I have copies of each of these books, which I am willing to lend out. I also encourage you to make use of the Stanford libraries. Finally, I am happy to meet with you, during office hours or by appointment, to discuss your paper and to offer suggestions for additional readings.

In addition to the written assignment, a few of you will be asked to briefly present your ideas in class on the due date. Your presentation is not intended to be a reading of your paper, but a proper talk. In other words, it should be lively and should engage the class in discussion.

Writing projects

Some non-writing projects
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