Schedule of final presentations

CS 99D - The Science of Art

Thursday, March 9, 2000

1:30Angelita Garcia and Kate BerlandRembrandt's color palette
1:50Kuusela Hilo and Olivia HortonProportion in Greek and Hellenistic statuary
2:10Cheryl GladstoneExploring alternative color palettes
2:30Kenneth AshcraftSimulating local contrast effects
2:50Unnur GretarsdottirVirtual reality visualization of 4D space (1)
3:10-break (refreshments provided)-
3:30Elaine Yau and Janice AhnOn Munsell's Color Tree
3:50Jason AndersonVisual illusions I
4:10Chris LandauerVisual illusions II
4:30Megan RibleThe illusions of M.C. Escher
4:50Brooke HansonFilm effects and modern art
5:10Chris OukA glass-panel perspective of the Stanford SEQ (2)

(1) Presentation to be given in the graphics laboratory.
(2) Presentation to be given outdoors at the SEQ.
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