Schedule of final presentations

CS 99D - The Science of Art

Thursday, March 12, 1998

2:30Kaley WarnerHoover Tower According to Brunelleschi (*)
2:45Drue KataokaOptical Refinements in the Parthenon
3:00David AndersonA Perspective Drawing Assistant
3:15Lauren MargolinTour Into the Picture (using CG)
3:30Anne HubertSt. Peter's Basilica in Raphael's School of Athens
3:45Dennis HwangA 3D Model of Masaccio's Trinity
4:15Ty Voliter & Nick BeckmanSimulated Aerial Perspective on 2-Dimensional Images
4:30Michelle ThongGeorge Seurat - The Science of Color in Art
4:45Laura McVittieThe Chemistry of Painting
5:00Matt BellThe Use of Motion Blur in Art
5:15Michelle LeePhotography and Art
5:30Leslie IkemotoOptical Themes in Chinese Painting

(*) Presentation to be given at the fountain in front of Hoover Tower.
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