Schedule of final presentations

CS 99D - The Science of Art

Thursday, March 11, 1999

11:00Ashley RichMinneart visits Florence
11:20Dina PughEvolution of the nude
11:40Rachel RobinetteColor forecasting
12:00Jeanine LavenderLeonardo's unfinished Adoration of the Magi
12:20Jennifer ZwarichGelato
1:00-lunch (provided)-
1:40Thomas MurleyReproduction of art
2:00Chad SchaferHuman proportions according to Leonardo
2:20Stephanie JohnsonProportions in buildings
2:40Rahul Gupta, Dan Perkel,
Semira Rahemtulla, Alex Roetter
Projecting images onto statues (1)
3:20Alana Chan & Maisie TsuiBrunelleschi's Baptistry panel (2)

(1) Presentation to be given in the graphics laboratory.
(2) Presentation to be given at the Baptistry.
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