The Computer Graphics Laboratory at Stanford University has acquired several light fields for research in computer graphics and vision. We are making this data publicly available to researchers. The light fields may be used for academic and research purposes, but are not to be used for commercial purposes, nor should they appear in a product for sale without our permission. If you use these models in a publication, please credit the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory.

Data Format

Click on the Light Fields link above to access the datasets. Each light field is available as a compressed archive of images in PNG format. We provide the original camera images as well as keystone corrected images. For some scenes, calibration information (such as homographies for keystone correction and camera positions) is provided as a text file; for others, simple calibration targets are visible in the original camera images. Click the Calibration link for more details.


These light fields were acquired using the Stanford Multi-Camera Array, the light field gantry, a simple Lego Mindstorms gantry you could build at home, and the light field microscope.. Click the Acquisition link for more details.

Flash-based viewer

Next to each light field in the archive is a link that lets you view the light field, including flying around it and creating synthetically focused views from it, using a Flash-based viewer that runs in your browser. You shouldn't need to download any software to use this viewer, but you're welcome to look at the source code for this viewer.

An Older Archive of Light Fields

An earlier archive of light fields used in the paper Light Field Rendering by Levoy and Hanrahan, SIGGRAPH 1996, is available here.


We welcome feedback and comments about our light fields. Please email your feedback to:

While we cannot offer continuous support, we will do our best to answer questions.

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