Analog Beta SP Deck (Sony UVW-1800)




Configuration Hints

Additional notes


Using videotapes that have been blacked and timecoded will make your life much easier. Laying down an uninterrupted black video signal prepares the tape for insert editing. See the
Editing Video Tapes page for more details on insert editing, assemble editing, and timecode.

Timecode format is hour:minute:second:frame. Minutes and seconds range from 0-60 while frames range form 0-30.

Most of the switches referred to below are behind the panel in the bottom left corner of the front of the deck.

  1. Route black to the deck. Web interface: middle-click on Black, left-click on the Analog Beta deck. Telect: telect -lntsc -iblack -oanabeta

  2. Route the deck to a monitor of your choice. Web interface: middle-click on Analog Beta deck, left-click on a monitor.

  3. Set the timecode INT/EXT switch to INT.

  4. Turn the character ON/OFF switch to ON (so that you can see the menu).

  5. Hit the menu botton.

  6. Pick timecode, then rec run. Use the arrow buttons to move and select.

  7. Hit the TC preset button.

  8. Hit the reset button.

  9. Hit the set button. Your timecode will now start at 00:00:00:00.

  10. Insert your tape, make sure it is rewound.

  11. Hit Record and Play at the same time.

  12. Let your tape run all the way until the end of the tape, unless you are desperately pressed for time.


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