Editing a simple video using Adobe Premiere (Zoetrope)

Premiere is a full-featured nonlinear video editing system. There's no hope of covering the full functionality on this page, but the default settings are all quite reasonable, so basic use of premiere is simple. For more advanced use, read the manual. This note is adapted from Tamara's original writeup for the SGI (moviola) which you can still use. To start up,


There are a bunch of important settings, which will stay set between sessions until you explicitly change them.

Capturing video

See also my notes on digitizing a live session at a PC.
  1. Pick File->Capture->Movie Capture. The capture window will appear.
  2. Route the appropriate deck to zoetrope. For example, telect -idigibeta -ozoetrope. See the digitizing page for more detailed instructions.
  3. Edit capture defaults, and turn off audio if you're not using it. Also, click settings and make sure you're capturing component (CAV) video. If you are capturing audio, make sure it's set to Balanced (XLR). The remaining settings have quite reasonable defaults.
  4. However, if you want to capture Mini-DV footage, first hook up your camcorder to the firewire connection on zoetrope. In the first window that pops up, choose to work with DV footage. Then in the capture defaults, set both the video and audio capture to DV.
  5. Hit record and escape to stop capturing.

Importing existing content

Video output

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