Editing a simple video using AVID MCXpress (PC)

Easy version

AVID MCXpress is a full-featured nonlinear video editing system. There's no hope of covering the full functionality on this page. I've concentrated on a lot of the stuff specific to our setup, and tried to cover most of the gotchas that I've found. There's not much here about the main function of MCXpress itself, namely working with clips and editing. That's covered in the manual and online help, which you'll want to also read.

Starting up

Creating a project

Capturing video

If you have some video on tape that you need to digitize, you can do so from inside MCXpress
  1. Startup AVID MCXpress, and open your project file.
  2. Pick Tools->Digitize..... The digitize window will appear.
  3. If you are digitizing using the Sony Digibeta, you can use remote deck control for more accurate control of the digitizing process. See below for more information.
  4. Route the appropriate deck to Kinora. For example, to route the digibeta deck through the Web interface middle-click on the digibeta deck and left-click on NLEPC Kinora (PC) entry that appears in the text list on the right-hande side of the web page. There is no image for Kinora. Telect: telect -lsdi -idigibeta -onlepc. See the capture page for more on routing.

  5. If your clip has sound, make sure to also route the audio to Kinora. If your input is the digibeta, this will happen automatically. If you are using a non-digital source as input, you will have to route the video signal through either FS1 or FS2. However, when you route through either of these transcoders, audio will not automatically follow the video signal. You need to first route your audio signal directly to Kinora, and then route the video signal to Kinora through the transcoders. You must route audio first - this will not work if you route audio after video. If your clip does not have audio, disable the audio channels by unchecking those signals in the digitize window:

  6. Click the record button. MCXpress will immediately start digitizing the input to the disk. When you are done digitizing, click the stop button. You must then immediately name your digitized video clip -- the new clip will appear named Untitled in the list of clips that appears at the bottom of the digitize window:

  7. You can now either digitize additional clips, or close the digitize window to return to editing your project.

Importing existing content

Video output

Remote Deck Control

I highly recommend using the remote deck control for both digitizing video from tape, and for recording video output.

More detail

Additional notes


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