Digitizing web videotapes for web distributions.

Easy version

  1. Digitize your movie using mediarecorder, following the instructions on the capture tutorial.

  2. Import each clip in turn into Premiere, and use its trim capabilities to set exact boundaries. See the Premiere tutorial for pointers. Use QuickTime Composite output, not QuickTime Movie output.

  3. Recompress each video segment with device-independent compression using the command-line dmconvert interface. It's much faster to crunch it this way instead of using Premiere.

  4. The right place to put your resulting videos is /n/graphics/web/content/docs/videos/. Make yourself a directory to put all the pieces in, and make an index page so that people can download the components separately. It's useful to list both the time and size of each segment. Add pointers to your directory from the main index page if you want the video to be publicly accessible. If your video has an accompanying paper, consider creating crosslinks between the paper page and the video page. Consider also grabbing screenshots of the first frame of each segment as a visual directory, as in this example.

More detail

(Note that there is a separate page for creating a web version of a video directly from Premiere.)

Recommended first stage digitzing settings

Recommended second stage trimming settings

Recommended third stage compression settings

Additional notes


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