Telect Client Software

Easy version

telect -l[level] -i[input] -o[output]

Level can be

  1. ntsc
  2. cav
  3. svhs
  4. sdi
  5. rgbs
  6. audio
You can see the possibilities for input and output in the master aliases file. All equipment in the video rack should have a label on its front panel with both its English name and its telect handle.


telect -lntsc -isitn -oplymon
Route NTSC cable TV to the play monitor.

telect -lsvhs -ihi8 -orecmon
Route S-VHS from the Hi8 deck to the record monitor.

telect -lntsc -isitn -ofs1
telect -lsdi -ifs1 -omoviola
Route SITN into the transcoder, then to moviola. Can't go directly since SITN is NTSC and moviola only takes SDI, must use the transcoder to convert.

More detail

The telect client runs on all machines in the graphics cluster and controls the Telect matrix routing switcher. It's the command-line program that's actually doing the work behind the Web interface.

The telect server runs on crossbar, the Indy in the video rack. Clients can run on any machine, and connect to the server via a socket.

Configuration Hints

Additional notes


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