The Pupillometric Precision of a Remote Video Eye Tracker

Jeff Klingner

Stanford University

Proceedings of the 2010 Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications


To determine the accuracy and precision of pupil measurements made with the Tobii 1750 remote video eye tracker, we performed a formal metrological study with respect to a calibrated reference instrument, a medical pupillometer. We found that the eye tracker measures mean binocular pupil diameter with precision 0.10 mm and mean binocular pupil dilations with precision 0.15 mm.

Figure 1: The eye tracker (Tobii 1750) and reference pupillometer (NeurOptics VIP-200)

Figure 3: Differences between the eye tracker and pupillometer measurements, broken down by study participant and eye, showing how the eye tracker’s pupillometric bias varies for each eye. Data from each participant and each subject are plotted in a different color.


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