Smoke Simulation for Large Scale Phenomena

Nick Rasmussen (Industrial Light + Magic)
Duc Quang Nguyen (Stanford University, Industrial Light + Magic)
Willi Geiger (Industrial Light + Magic)
Ronald Fedkiw (Stanford University, Industrial Light + Magic)

Submitted to SIGGRAPH 2003


In this paper, we present an efficient method for simulating highly detailed large scale participating media such as the nuclear explosions shown in figure (nuclear explosion figure). We capture this phenomena by simulating the motion of particles in a fluid dynamics generated velocity field. A novel aspect of this paper is the creation of highly detailed three-dimensional turbulent velocity fields at interactive rates using a low to moderate amount of memory. The key idea is the combination of two-dimensional high resolution physically based flow fields with a moderate sized three-dimensional Kolmogorov velocity field tiled periodically in space. We also present a new technique for rendering the particles as a participating volume.

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