cs549: Crowdsourcing Research Seminar

Crowdsourcing and human computation are rapidly evolving topics of research in Computer Science. This course includes a literature review and laboratory portion. We will survey and discuss the latest literature, covering the following overarching themes: HCI applications of crowdsourcing, patterns and systems for crowd programming; organizational behavior and economic aspects of crowdsourcing; and crowdsourcing demographics & labor issues. The laboratory component will focus on developing concrete crowdsourcing research projects.


For each seminar period, we will spend 30 minutes discussing the papers' main findings or principles. The remaining time will be devoted to engineering two crowdsourcing research projects. Students must sign up to lead the discussion for at least one week during the quarter.

Projects and Links


Jan 7: Introduction

Jan 14: Surveys and taxonomies

Jan 21: Applications in HCI

Jan 28: Applications for Data Annotation

Feb 4: Running Experiments with Online Crowds

Feb 11: Task and Workflow Design

Feb 18: Economics

Feb 25: Labor Issues

Mar 4: Crowd Programming Tools

Mar 11: Last class

Mar 18: Demo day

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