Nikon D40 Quick Start Guide

== Please protect the lens! ===

When not actively shooting, we ask you to please, please, please keep the lens cap on the lens!!!

Setting image size and format

  1. Press the 'MENU' button to the left of the camera's LCD.

  2. Go to the "SHOOTING MENU" (it has a camera as it's icon). The D-pad to the right of the LCD is used to navigate the camera's menus. The 'OK' button in the center of the d-pad is used to make a selection. Pressing the MENU button can be used to go back a menu in a hierarchy of menus.

    1. make sure that IMAGE QUALITY is set to FINE. (Do not shoot in RAW format for this assignment).

    2. you may the IMAGE SIZE to any setting you choose. However the smallest image sizes the D40 takes are easily large enough for this assignment.

Setting aperture and shuttle speed manually

Coming soon...

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