Computer Game Competition

About the Competition

The Computer Game Competition is the annual competition among the final projects in the course CS248: Interactive Computer Graphics. In these final projects, small teams of students build complete computer games. The very best of these are selected by the course staff and compete in a juried competition. The 2009-2010 Computer Game Competition took place on Friday, March 12, 4-6pm, in Hewlett Teaching Center 201.


The jury consisted of:


The following games placed into the competition finals and were presented to the jury:

  • "Rainbow Racer" by Ben Goldsmith
  • "Project Mercury" by Steve Lesser and Christopher De Sa
  • "Mediva" by Ivan Lee, Juan Batiz-Benet and Chris Miel
  • "Warp" by Francesco Georg and Matt Fichman
  • "Ultimate Showdown" by Richard Frankel, Laurence Emms and John Celenza
  • "Lonely as a Cloud" by Oliver Castaneda and Alex Quach

All finalists were awarded games courtesy of Electronic Arts.


The following awards were made:

  • Best Game Award (prize: all-expenses-paid trip to SIGGRAPH 2010)

    • Won by Francesco Georg and Matt Fichman for "Warp"
  • Creative Achievement Award (prize: games courtesy of LucasArts)

    • Won by Oliver Castaneda and Alex Quach for "Lonely as a Cloud"
  • Best Design Award (prize: code for StarCraft II, courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment)

    • Won by Ben Goldsmith for "Rainbow Racer" (download)


Trailers for the winning games can be found here on YouTube.