Submission Instructions

  1. Before submitting, please put all your files in a single directory. Please include a README file describing how you implemented the functionalities. It should be plain text; keep it brief but complete, and one screenful is enough. If you have multiple files in your submission, please make a note of that in your README and explain the reasons. The README file will just be a reference for the grading, not all of it; therefore don't waste too much time on writing a "perfect" README.
  2. To submit your assignment, please login to a leland machine and transfer the assignment project there. We recommend the myth or corn machine as we have tested those ones. So if you have any problems with the submission on other machines, use one of these two instead. Next, cd to your assignment directory, and then type:/usr/class/cs248/bin/submit
  3. Follow the interactive instructions, and you will finish the submission. In the meantime you will be prompted for the location of your submission directory. If you did all the above steps, you should be running the script from that directory, then just type "." (without the quotes); otherwise you should specify its path. You may make multiple submission, all of which will be timestamped. And we will look at your latest submission for grading.

How to login to leland remotely?

Here are the brief instructions on how to login to leland machines in case you don't know about it.

If you are a Windows user, you can either install Cygwin or SecureCRT, and optionally Xming if you want to enable X forwarding. For Cygwin, you can refer to for installation details. For SecureCRT, you can download it from Essential Stanford Software, and the instructions can be found at Please note that if you want to enable X forwarding in SecureCRT, you can download Xming from and install it. After that, in SecureCRT, find in the menu bar Options -> Global Options, and click General -> Default Session -> Edit Default Settings. Then you will find an item called Remote/X11 in the category; click it and tick the "Forward X11 packets" checkbox, and you are done. Don't forget to run your Xming first before you can view remote applications opening a window for you.

If you are a Linux or Mac user, just open a terminal and type "ssh" and you will be there in the myth machines. If you want to enable X forwarding, then please type "ssh -Y" instead. Linux users should be fine with simply this command, and most Mac user should be fine as well. If you are not using a Mac with the latest OS or you didn't install it by default and you have trouble with X working on your machine, please refer to the directions here and afterwards launch your X terminal by opening "X11" from Applications/Utilities, and then continue to the previous command.