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There is one required text for the course:

In addition, the following books may be useful in understanding course material and implementing final projects.

The Goals of Rendering


D. Greenberg, A framework for realistic image synthesis, CACM 42(8), pp. 44-53, Aug. 1999. (pdf)


D. Greenberg, K. Torrance, P. Shirley, J. Arvo, J. A. Ferwerda, S. pattanaik, E. P. F. Lafortune, B. Walter, S. Foo, B. Trimbone, A framework for realistic rendering, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 97 (Los Angelos, CA, August 3-9, 1997). In Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, 1997, ACM SIGGRAPH, pp. 477-494. (pdf)

Ray Tracing I: Basic Algorithms


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P. Hanrahan, Ray-triangle and ray-quadrilateral intersection in homogeneous coordinates, unpublished manuscript. (pdf)

Ray Tracing II: Acceleration Techniques


J. Arvo, D. Kirk, A survey of ray tracing acceleration structures, In Glassner, An Introduction to Ray Tracing, pp. 201-262.

J. Arvo, Ray tracing with meta-hierarchies, In <em>SIGGRAPH 90 Advanced Topics in Ray Tracing Course Notes</em>, 1990. (ps)

The [http://www.cgg.cvut.cz/BES/ Best Efficiency Scheme Homepage].

I. Wald, V. Havran, On building fast kd-trees for ray tracing, and on doing that in O(N log N), SCI Technical Report 2006-009, (pdf)

A. Reshetov, A. Soupikov, J. Hurley, Multi-level ray tracing algorithm, ACM Transactions on Computer Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2005) 24(3), pp. 1176-1185, 2005 (acm)

Introduction to real-time ray tracing, SIGGRAPH 2005 Course Number 28, (course notes)



P. Hanrahan, Rendering concepts, In Cohen and Wallace, Radiosity and Realistic Image Synthesis, pp. 13-40.


R. Barzel, Lighting controls for computer cinematography, Journal of Graphics Tools, 2(1), pp. 1-20, 1997. (jgt html, pdf)

J. Palmer, [http://www.optics.arizona.edu/Palmer/rpfaq/rpfaq.htm Radiometry and Photometry FAQ]


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P. Bouguer, Optical Treatise on The Gradation of Light, Translated with an introduction and notes by W. Middleton, University of Toronto Press, 1961.

J. H. Lambert, Photometry, Translated with an introductory monograph and notes by D. DiLaura, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, 2001.

The Light Field

No Additional Readings

Monte Carlo Integration I


Chapter 2, Fundamentals of Monte Carlo Integration, State of the Art in Monte Carlo Ray Tracing for Realistic Synthesis, SIGGRAPH Course 29, 2001. (pdf)

Chapter 3, Direct Lighting via Monte Carlo Integration, State of the Art in Monte Carlo Ray Tracing for Realistic Synthesis, SIGGRAPH Course 29, 2001.


E. Veach, Introduction to Monte Carlo Integration, CS448 Lecture 6 Notes, 1997. (ps)

E. Veach, Sampling Random Variables, CS448 Lecture 7 Notes, 1997. (ps)

P. Shirley, Realistic ray tracing, Chapter 11: Monte Carlo Integration, Chapter 12 Choosing sample points, and Chapter 15 Soft Shadows.

Cameras and Film


C. Kolb, D. Mitchell, P. Hanrahan, A realistic camera model for computer graphics, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 95 (Los Angelos, CA, August 6-11, 1995), In Computer Graphics, Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, 1995, ACM SIGGRAPH, pp. 317-324. (paper).


B. London and J. Upton, Photography, Fifth Edition, HarperCollins College Publishers, 1994.

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Monte Carlo Integration II


Cook, Carpenter, Porter, Distributed ray tracing, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 1984, (acm)


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Chapter 4, Stratified Sampling on 2-manifolds, State of the Art in Monte Carlo Ray Tracing for Realistic Synthesis, SIGGRAPH Course 29, 2001. (pdf)

E. Veach, Variance Reduction I, CS448 Lecture 8 Notes, 1997. (ps)

E. Veach, Variance Reduction II, CS448 Lecture 9 Notes, 1997. (ps)

E. Veach, Quasi-Monte Carlo, CS448 Lecture 10 Notes, 1997. (ps)

Sampling and Reconstruction


R. Cook, Stochastic sampling in computer graphics, ACM Transactions on Computer Graphics, 5(1), pp. 51-72, Jan 1986, (acm)

D. Mitchell, Generating antialiased images at low sampling densities, Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 87, Computer Graphics 21(3), pp. 65-72, 1987, (acm)

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T. Duff, Polygon scan conversion by exact convolution, Proceedings International Conference on Raster Imaging and Digital Typography, pp. 151-168, Cambridge University Press, Oct 1989.


No additional readings

The Rendering Equation

No additional readings

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