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Creating a new page

You create a new page by visiting the page. If the page does not exists, MoinMoin will suggest to create it. There are several ways to create a new page:

By Adding a link on another page

  1. Edit another page
  2. Add a link to the new page, either as a WikiName or as ["Name With Spaces"]

  3. Save the page and click the new link
  4. Click one of the template names
  5. Edit your new page and save it

For more information on linking to other pages, see HelpOnLinking.

By visiting the page

  1. Enter the address of the new page, e.g in the browser location box and press Enter

  2. Click one of the template names
  3. Edit your new page and save it

    (!) Might not work on all browsers if the page name contains non ASCII characters.

By using the NewPage macro

If the current page uses the NewPage macro:

  1. Enter the page name in the text box and click "Create New Page"

  2. Edit your page and save it


The NewPage macro make it easy to create new pages in one step, using certain template or automatically creating a sub page. For more help on NewPage macro, see HelpOnMacros.

By using the GoTo macro

If the current page uses the GoTo macro:

  1. Enter the page name in the text box and click "Go To Page"

  2. Click "Create new page"
  3. Edit your page and save it


Creating and using template pages

See HelpOnTemplates.

Setting Variables

See HelpOnVariables

Editor backup

If you have a homepage (a page with the same name as your user name), each time you save or preview a page, a backup of the text is saved as UserName/MoinEditorBackup. If your browser crashed when editing a page and you did a preview, you can get the text from the backup. Use preview often!

  • (!) If sub pages are disabled, the backup is saved as UserNameMoinEditorBackup