KarinLinnersund/KarinLinnersund A1

• Problems you encountered with the pbrt build/installation process?

I build in Visual Studio, and except for the build problems I got for not linking correctly in the beginning, I later got a problem when I was to build the whole solution. I could build the core project, so I knew it was working. But the problem was that VS used both my duo processors parallel to build the solutions, which needed to be done in a certain order. But when I changed it to just use one processor, it built in the right order and it finally built correctly!

• How did you speed up the render-view results-render again process?

I sped the process up by changing the resolution to 200x200 and the sampling to just 1. I then got a result in less than 10 seconds and could see if I was moving the lights and camera correctly.

• What other experimentation did you do in this project? (include any cool images you made on the wiki page)==

No other experiments.