One random thought that I had while going through the reading is how we can visualize the relationship between words and pictures/diagram. Pictures can serve as a visual aid to help browsing and detect relations between the word since (unproved claims, I think I read about this somewhere but still need to find the source) we tend to relate the concept of sth with its picture better than abstract word. It can be helpful for crossing the realm of language barrier as well. The challenge in visualizing words with pictures is the format of picture itself. Displaying a picture to represent a concept certainly takes much more space than a word. A picture (even a thumbnail) will clutter the screen.

One way to work around that is using the methods described in Phrase-Net with picture as a subnode to the word. We can hide the pictures in a sub-node and let users click on it themselves if they want to look at the related pictures. However, there should be a more effective interaction that can solve this issue. I am still pondering over this.