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If you have an interesting visualization tool, resource, blog or announcement that you would like to share with the class please post them here for everyone to see.

Interesting Visualizations




Visualization Toolkits

  • Protovis - JavaScript visualization language

  • PolyMaps – create map displays with JavaScript & SVG

  • Flare - Visualization toolkit for Adobe Flash

  • Modest Maps - Mapping library for Flash

  • Processing - A popular language and IDE for interactive graphics

  • Prefuse - Visualization toolkit for Java

  • Improvise - Java system supporting coordinated views

  • InfoVis Toolkit - A Java InfoVis library

  • Piccolo - A Java library for zoomable UIs

  • VTK - A scientific visualization library (C++ with wrappers for other languages)

Statistical Data Analysis Tools

  • Tableau Public - a free version of Tableau which publishes to the web

  • GGplot2 - a graphics language for R

  • GGobi - visualizations for multivariate data

  • Improvise - a visualization tool supporting a variety of visualization types

  • ParVis - software for parallel coordinates

  • TimeSearcher - interface for time-series data from U Maryland

  • TreeMap - tree-mapping software from U Maryland

Network Analysis Tools

  • NodeXL - graph analysis plug-in for Excel

  • Gephi - a graph analysis application

  • GUESS - a combined visual/scripting interface for graph analysis

  • Pajek - another popular network analysis tool

Web-Based Tools

Color Tools

Data Sets