Signal Processing Information Base (SPIB)

The Signal Processing Information Base (SPIB) is a project sponsored by the Signal Processing Society and the National Science Foundation. SPIB contains information repositories of data, newsgroups, bibliographies, links to other repositories, and addresses, all of which are relevant to signal processing research and development.

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Community Research Publications Education
Commercial resources

IEEE Signal Processing Society

EURASIP (European Association for Signal Processing)

DSP Yahoo! Club

Electronic Engineer's Toolbox

Online Symposium for Electronics Engineers


DSP-Related Discussion Groups, Web resource for imbedded and realtime systems

SPIB Infobases

Conferences & Workshops

Major DSP research groups

Special Issues

Funding Agencies

Author information and LaTeX style files for Signal Processing Society transactions and Letters

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing

IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing

IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

IEEE Signal Processing Letters

Image Communication

Signal Processing

Speech Communication

Computer Music Journal

University Courses

Short Courses

Fellowship Opportunities

The TI Challenge is a student design contest with a grand prize of US$100,000.

Wavelet Tutorial
A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis
WebEng, offering Web-based DSP education
On-line DSP Java Laboratories

Filter design applets

Interactive digital filter designer
Rapid Prototyping of Application-Specific Signal Processors Program
Web-Enabled Simulation, on-line digital signal processor simulators and boards

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