Kari Pulli


email: kapu AT graphics.stanford.edu.NOSPAMS

In 1999 I moved to Nokia, Oulu, Finland.
In 2004 I moved to Nokia Research Center in Boston to collaborate with MIT.
In 2006 I moved back to Palo Alto, working at Nokia Research Center, and collaborating again with Stanford.
In 2011 I joined NVIDIA Research in Santa Clara, CA, as Sr. Director.
In 2014 I joined Light, a Computational Photography startup, as VP of Computational Imaging.
In 2015 I joined Intel, as Sr. Principal Engineer, later nominated the CTO of the Imaging and Camera Technologies Group.
In 2017 I joined Meta, an Augmented Reality startup, as CTO.
in 2018 I joined Raxium, a startup working on novel displays, as VP of Compute.
in 2020 I joined Google, as Principal Architect, ML.

At Stanford, I worked with Marc Levoy on the Digital Michelangelo project.
I received my PhD in 
Computer Science & Engineering Department 
at the University of Washington
Before coming to UW I received M.Sc. and Lic. Tech. from the University of Oulu, Department of Electrical Engineering. I also have a B.Comp.Sci. from University of Minnesota.

Here are a few sets of slides, mostly with speaker notes. If you are interested in any of my papers, it is probably good idea to first go through the slides, and then read the paper if you think you want to learn more. In some instances there is some extra stuff in slides that's not in the papers.

My resume, including links to most of my publications.