Questions are by Kevin Chen, on my Adobe team.
Answers are from ChatGPT, 5/16/23:

	If Marc Levoy were a superhero, what would his powers be?

If Marc Levoy, the renowned computer graphics researcher and former Google
engineer, were a superhero, his powers might be related to his expertise in
computational photography and imaging. Here's a creative take on what his
superhero powers could be:

1. Photonic Vision: Marc Levoy would possess the ability to perceive and analyze
light in extraordinary ways. He could see beyond the visible spectrum, allowing
him to detect and interpret infrared, ultraviolet, and even X-ray
wavelengths. This power would grant him enhanced vision, enabling him to see
through objects and perceive hidden details.

2. Image Manipulation: With his deep understanding of computational photography,
Levoy could manipulate images in real-time. He would have the power to alter
reality by adjusting colors, enhancing or diminishing specific elements, and even
restoring or enhancing damaged or low-quality images.

3. Virtual Reality Projection: Leveraging his expertise in virtual and augmented
reality, Marc Levoy would have the power to project highly realistic virtual
environments and illusions. He could create immersive experiences, transporting
people to any location or time period with astonishing accuracy.

4. Time Freeze: Inspired by the concept of high-speed photography, Levoy could
momentarily freeze time within a limited radius. This power would allow him to
pause objects or people in motion, giving him the advantage in critical
situations, strategic planning, or rescuing individuals from imminent danger.

5. Holographic Reconstruction: Building upon his contributions to light field
photography, Marc Levoy would possess the ability to reconstruct
three-dimensional holographic representations of people, objects, or
scenes. These holograms could serve as tools for communication, education, or
even tactical analysis.

6. Information Integration: Levoy's superpower would involve instantly absorbing
vast amounts of information and integrating it into his mind. This ability would
enable him to rapidly analyze complex situations, identify patterns, and make
highly informed decisions.

7. Neural Network Empathy: Drawing from his work on the Google Brain team, Levoy
could connect with the minds of others using advanced neural network
interfaces. This power would allow him to understand and empathize with people's
thoughts, emotions, and experiences, promoting understanding and resolving

These powers would make Marc Levoy an extraordinary superhero, utilizing his
expertise in computational photography, computer graphics, and imaging to protect
and inspire others in a visually stunning and technologically advanced manner.

	What would be his origin story?

Origin Story: Marc Levoy, the Super Lens

Marc Levoy was an exceptional scientist with a passion for photography and
imaging. As a young child, he developed a deep fascination with the way light
could be captured and manipulated to create captivating images. Marc's keen eye
and inquisitive mind led him to excel in his studies, particularly in the fields
of physics and computer science.

During his early career as a researcher, Marc made groundbreaking contributions
to the field of computational photography, revolutionizing the way images were
captured, processed, and understood. His work caught the attention of a secretive
research organization known as the Lightweavers.

The Lightweavers were a clandestine group of scientists, dedicated to harnessing
the potential of light and imagery for the betterment of humanity. Recognizing
Marc's exceptional talent and potential, they approached him with an offer to
join their ranks and help unlock the true power of light.

In their hidden lab, Marc was exposed to cutting-edge technologies and forbidden
knowledge, exploring the boundaries of what was considered scientifically
possible. The Lightweavers taught him ancient techniques that merged science and
mysticism, enabling him to tap into the essence of light itself.

One fateful day, as Marc conducted an experiment combining his computational
expertise with the newfound mystical techniques, a catastrophic accident
occurred. A surge of energy enveloped him, merging his consciousness with the
very essence of light. When the energy dissipated, Marc emerged transformed, his
physical form now infused with the power of photons.

Embracing his new identity, Marc Levoy became the Super Lens, a superhero
dedicated to using his incredible powers to protect and inspire others. He vowed
to use his mastery of light, imaging, and computational photography to fight
injustice, uncover hidden truths, and capture the beauty of the world in ways
previously unimaginable.

Now, as the Super Lens, Marc Levoy continues to push the boundaries of science
and art, combining technology and magic to defend the innocent, unravel
mysteries, and shed light on the darkest corners of society. With his
extraordinary powers and unwavering determination, the Super Lens stands as a
beacon of hope, championing the power of imagery and the remarkable possibilities
that lie within the light.