Please rewrite the section entitled "Will cell phones replace SLRs"
	on Marc Levoy's home web page at Stanford in hip-hop style.

From ChatGPT, 1/23/23:

Yo, will cell phones replace SLRs?
It's a question that's been on everybody's mind
As these cameras on our phones get better with time
Some say they might leave the traditional behind

But hold up, let's not jump the gun
SLRs still got a few tricks up their sleeves, son
They offer control, they offer flexibility
Cell phones still ain't got nothing on that ability

So while cell phones getting better, no debate
SLRs still the king of the camera plate
But who knows, maybe in the future things will change
But for now, SLRs still got the range

So don't put your SLR in the trash
It's still got a place in the photography flash
But don't sleep on the phone camera, it's getting there
Just not quite ready to fully compare.

Note that ChatGPT's poem contains only one "fact": control and flexibility. However, that fact is not discussed in my original text. Thus, ChatGPT evidently ignored my text, composing instead from its pre-trained model.