Written by Matthew Fisher

Main.h is included by all source files and includes every header file in the correct order.
#pragma once

// Config.h includes a series of #defines used to control compiling options
#include "Config.h"

// Engine.h includes everything that rarely changes between applications, such as vector/Matrix4 libraries,
// OpenGL/DirectX graphics devices, software rasterizers, etc.
#include "Engine.h"

#include "MarchingCubes.h"
#include "IsoSurface.h"

// MainControl.h includes everything that changes often between applications, such as what meshes to load,
// and also determines what is rendered each frame.
#include "Controller.h"

// The App class glues the operating system, the graphics device, the application interface,
// and the window manager together.  It is essentially the first and the last code that is executed.
#include "App.h"