IEEE Visualization 2003 - Workshop on Parallel Visualization and Graphics


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Start Time End Time Speaker and Affiliation Topic
8:30AM 8:45AM Organizers Welcome note and workshop overview
8:45AM 9:15AM Randy Frank, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Keynote: Production Cluster Visualization: Experiences and Challenges (Slides)
Session 1: System Architectures
9:15AM 9:40AM Craig Dunwoody, GraphStream Design of Graphics clusters
9:40AM 10:05AM Shrijeet Mukherjee, Silicon Graphics, Inc. Commodity-based Scalable Graphics on SSI systems
Coffee Break - 30 Minutes
10:35AM 11:00AM Steve Parker, University of Utah StarRay - Interactive Ray Tracer
Session 2: Software and Toolkits
11:00AM 11:25AM Mike Houston, Stanford University Chromium - New Developments and Directions (Slides)
11:25AM 11:50AM Dale Beerman, University of Virginia CRUT: Event Distribution and Image Delivery for Cluster-based Remote Visualization (Slides)
11:50AM 12:15PM Ken Martin, Kitware, Inc. Parallel Visualization with VTK
Lunch Break - 90 Minutes
1:45PM 2:10PM Wes Bethel, R3Vis Corporation OpenRM Scene Graph: Sort-First, Distributed Memory Parallel Visualization and Rendering (Slides)
2:10PM 2:35PM Philipp Slusallek, Saarland University OpenRT: Interactive Ray-Tracing and Lighting Simulation (Slides)
Session 3: Applications and Algorithms
2:35PM 3:00PM Ian Buck, Stanford University Brook - Data Parallel Computation on Graphics Hardware (Slides)
3:00PM 3:25PM Naga Govindraju, University of North Carolina Parallel Techniques Using Multiple GPUs
3:25PM 3:50PM Martin Kraus, University of Stuttgart/Purdue University Ray Casting on Programmable Graphics Hardware (Slides)
Coffee Break - 30 Minutes
4:20PM 4:45PM Chandrajit Bajaj, University of Texas Remote Visualization: High-Performance Parallel Services at CCV
4:45PM 5:10PM Allen McPherson, Los Alamos National Laboratory Big Vis at LANL (Slides)
5:10PM 5:45PM Panel of Speakers and Organizers Questions/Discussions/Comments
5:45PM 6:00PM Organizers Conclusion/Closing Remarks

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